Saturday, June 25, 2016

2016 PARENTS: Student Check-in and Open Ceremony

Dear Japanese Academy Parents,

This is a reminder that tomorrow, Sunday, June 26, is the beginning of your child's journey at the Governor's Language Japanese Academy. The entire staff is excited to meet your children and explore Japanese language and culture together. Tomorrow will be a very busy day, and in order to avoid confusion I am sending the planned schedule for Check-in and the Opening Ceremony.

12:00pm - 1:00pm: Student Check-in at Andrews Hall
1:30pm - 2:00pm: Opening Ceremony at Blackwell Auditorium

Check-in will be in the lobby of Andrews Hall and there will be academy staff waiting for you to check in your children. Resident advisor (RA) staff will also be present to assist with move in. The staff will be wearing the Japanese Academy T-shirts, so we will be easy to find. There will be a limited number of carts available for move in.

The scheduled departure time for the parents is at the end of the opening ceremony.   Please make sure your children have all of their belongings in their room before the opening ceremony. Additionally, please be sure you have collected your child's WIFI-accessible electronic devices (laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc.).

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

A few reminders:
If you were contacted to bring extra documents please bring them.
Please do not forget that your child needs quarters to do his or her laundry.
The dorm rooms are very cold so be sure to bring extra blankets or warm pajamas for the building.

We look forward to meeting you tomorrow! J

Friday, July 10, 2015


Dear Parents,

Just a friendly reminder that check out for your children is tomorrow, Sunday, July 12.
Check out will be at 10 am - 11:30am. The Closing Ceremony begins at 12pm.


Chanel Grice

July 10th: Variety Show and Cry Me A Pond...

Today has been a very eventful and special day for all of the students here at the academy, since it is the day before the last day here at the academy and Chung Senpai's Birthday! The day started off as normal with Language class and a topic class after lunch. Our final recreation was spent playing our very first recreation game: Ship to shore! For dinner, we enjoyed Japanese food at an Academy Banquet. All the senseis and senpais gave heart warming speeches that made a majority of us cry.... Today was also the day of the Variety Show! The Pop Culture Night and Variety Show company did an AMAZING  job putting together the show, and everyone who performed did an OUTSTANDING job! From Joseph's mind blowing card tricks to Allie's crazy realistic bark, everyone enjoyed seeing the talents of their peers and surprise performances from the Sensei's and Senpai's! The day ended with a celebration for Chung senpai's 21st Birthday! Everyone showed how much they appreciate all that he does for each and every one of us, from fanning us on a hot day to just cheering us up with his bright smile!  Something I feel that everyone realized today was that our time here is really coming to an end..... We have all grown so close to each other and have became family...

Lauren San

Thursday, July 9, 2015

9 July 2015: Japanese Culture and Hip-Hop

Good Evening Viewers,

As per the usual schedule, students began the day with their beloved Radio Taisō (which I assure that they will continue for the rest of their lives). Following a shortened language class in the morning, students returned to Andrews Hall and attended a series of cultural presentations and demonstrations on various topics including: soy sauce, traditional Japanese instruments, and Aikido. Lunch was provided by the San-J soy sauce company in the form of "onigirazu", rice and toppings wrapped in a sheet of dried seaweed, while the company members gave a presentation on the different kinds of soy sauce and their soy sauce production methods. Afterwards students enjoyed various renditions of traditional Japanese music played on the koto, the shakuhachi (Japanese Flute), and the taiko by guest lecturer, Hwang-sensei. Finally, students learned Aikido from Randolph Macon's own Sheldon-sensei. Recurring quotable-person Parish-san, said, "He taught me that I am an octagon, but now I know that I need to be a circle. And a square. And a triangle.". After the dinner which I promise your children ate, though the majority of the time was spent trying to convince the next guest lecturers to eat plate-fulls of ice cream mixed with various dessert items found in the cafeteria, the students absorbed a presentation by guest speaker, Lawless-sensei, on Japanese hip-hop and afterwards "rapped" (I use the term loosely to describe making funny sounds with their mouths into recorders), guided only by the lyrics to several popular hip-hop songs. Your students are alive, educated, and well fed, the last of which I can confirm based on the fact that the blog company is currently eating rice mixed with mayonaise and bonito flakes.

This has been your Thursday evening news,

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

8 July 2015: Martial Arts and Desserts!

videoToday, the students participated in their normal Radio Taisō routine to begin the day, which was followed by breakfast in the food hall. Students attended their daily language and topic classes before enjoying a martial arts demonstration led by the academy's own Sarah-san and Dylan-san during recreation time. Academy student Parrish-san, a fellow blog writer, shared her thoughts: "I really thought that martial arts would be my calling. However, when Dylan and Sarah starting teaching the rolls, I quickly learned that I should stick with what I know."   
Nikita-san's Dessert

After recreation time, the students ate dinner, which was concluded with an epic dessert war between Chung-senpai, Erin-san, and Nikita-san that had been proposed at lunch. Each created an amazing plate of fruits and sweets and presented it to Sakamaki-sensei, who judged that Nikita-san's plate was the best.

Erin-san's Dessert
Chung-senpai's Dessert
After dinner, students attended another culture class led by the RA's before going to their company meetings and the nightly meeting. With the closing ceremony approaching, students will try to make the most of their remaining time here.


7 July 2015: Tanabata Matsuri

Today, the students celebrated the much anticipated July 7th Japanese summer festival, "Tanabata Matsuri".  The students were dressed in traditional Japanese summer wear called "Yukata".
A student-led group organized and planned the festival's activities which included bottle fishing, Menko, ring toss, and many others.  In addition, students put on a play depicting the traditional Tanabata legend of Orihime and Hikiboshi, a couple that was separated and only permitted to meet once a year on July 7th.  After that, students enjoyed a live Taiko drum performance by River City Taiko, a local Taiko group that the academy's own Uchisawa Sensei has been a long-standing member of.  The whole academy enjoyed the event: "It was absolutely splendid," said Rahi, an academy student.
The Tanabata festival was a relaxing, and fun way to conclude the day.

-Conner San

Monday, July 6, 2015

Notice to Parents

Dear Parents,

The Governor's Japanese Academy would like to ask that you refrain from sending any mail past this Wednesday, 7/8/2015. You may send mail after Wednesday, but it would have to arrive by Friday, 7/10/2015. We recommend this because all mail delivered after Friday will not be able to be picked up from the Campus Post office since it is not open during the weekends. Therefore, your mail will be stuck at Randolph Macon. 


Grice Senpai